Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Seminole Wind in Nashville from Paul Gozzo

They played Seminole Wind for me within 5 minutes of being in the joint! So, I'm not even out for 2 minutes in Nashville on a rainy Tuesday before I walk by some old boys playing loud. I walk in the joint, order some of the clear stuff, and sit down. I'm not even seated a minute when John Riggins asks me where I walked in from? The wise-ass in me wants to play a character and make something up, but experience says this isn't this dudes first rodeo. So I tell him, "Florida". And, he wants to know what I want to hear? So, I think for a minute, the crowd all staring at the grey suit, which is what he called me, and I say, "John Anderson" as if to say, "deal with that man! That's what you get go putting me on the spot!" Albeit graciously, this is how Riggins responded!
Go and check out John Riggins playing an acoustic version of Seminole Wind for an out-of-towner! Facebook.com/johnrigginsmusic 
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