Thursday, July 11, 2013

Are You A Hater: As Told By Paul M. Gozzo

Are you a Hater?

No way man, not me.

That’s what you say. But read further, I think you are.

If you feel good when someone else falls, someone you know, like an old teammate, classmate, coworker, neighbor, or even someone you called friend. You are a hater.

If you are rooting against the Miami Heat not because you are a not a big Heat fan but because you don’t like them or you simply don’t like Lebron James whom you never met. You are a hater.

Your friend has his handicap down to a 7 and you are making all sorts of excuses for not being as good as him at golf. Ya, you’re a hater.

Your hunting buddy has shot a deer with a bigger rack, turkey with a longer beard, more ducks, or more pheasant, whatever the case, and you are not the top dog. Yet you are not happy for him? Ya man, you’re a hater.

You drive a Chevy so on NASCAR Sundays, you root for Chevy drivers, but when another manufacturer wins, you don’t just move on, you are pissed and start ripping on the winner saying things about his crew chief and how they cheat, or his owner, and finally the winning driver himself, saying “I just don’t like how he handles himself, I think he is arrogant”.

A healthy rival is one thing. I think of the Yankees and Red Sox and how in general, each team’s fan base doesn’t just love their team, they hate the other team. That’s fine, you are rivals. No hating here. But a Sox fan ripping on the Yankees 26 Championships is starting to bring the hate in a little. The “Jeter Sucks” chants definitely bring in the hate when in fact you are chanting that one of the best players in baseball history….sucks?

At this point, you are saying, “no not me”. You wouldn’t do any of these would ya. “I’m not a hater you say.

Really. Someone sent you this blog for a reason…

Are you ever jealous of ANYONE’s car, clothes, or girlfriend? Maybe even their wife or kids? Their house?

How about how much professional athletes make like Floyd Mayweather at greater than $20 million a fight?

Were you ever slightly angry with Mark Zuckerberg or that snake who made no money with Napster but still ended up being a billionaire by befriending Zuckerberg through Facebook? But you had no problem tooling on the Winkleboss brothers right.??
No, not me, I’m, not a hater.

Jealousy can be masked as hatred. “Hating-on” or being a “Hater” has its roots in jealousy. Your insecurities will shine in this department. I know many from my old circles who are not much more than insecure little men who hate. Plain and simple.

Don’t hate. But even worse, don’t claim you are not a hater when you really are.

*This message is brought to you from PureLove *

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