Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Apple to have Retina Display, soon iTV!

With a buzz forming around Apple's next move and many believing that the next version of the iPad (3) will have retina display...I am more interested in Apple TV which has =actually been in market since 2006.
Along with renting movies and TV shows....Apple TV will probably allow users to watch Youtube on their TV's and watch movies from Netflix as well...
Because Apple TV has been around for 5 years you may think this part of the business is not doing well, but you have top imagine forward ala Steve Jobs and so imagine a world where Apple makes the television screen perfect while integrating all of the content from Apple TV. It is a tough vision to have, so maybe just start with thinking about what the iPod did in combination with iTunes and how that affected the music industry.
by: Paul Gozzo

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