Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unemployment, Spending, and Presedential Reelection by: Paul Gozzo

It's 2011 and we have a new presidential election next year. Our President took office just before a severe recession hit the US Economy followed by unprecedented government bailouts that basically the United States needed in order to prevent a terrible catastrophic disaster. Since then, the markets have stabilized and many rich folks have made a lot of money. Even this past year, unemployment improved. now, unemployment is deproving which isn't a word but i am using it anyway. (Rumors floating today that Cisco http://www.cisco.com/ is laying of 10,000 employees)
right now, we have 1.5 years until our current President is reelected or we have a new President. Guess what will get accomplished between now and then?
The two biggest problems we face as a country are a lack of job creation and a gigantic debt load.
Congress is really in charge of stimulating job growth. And we have a different Congress than we did when President Obama took office. However, many people do not know that this is the role of Congress, so Republicans don't want to see job growth for another year so they can blame it on out current President as he runs for elections next year.
So when I say "nothing" will be done in the next year this is the part I am talking about. The job situation will not get any better, it will in fact get worse and this trend has already started based off of recent employment data released last week.
So, how then can our President make his move to counter The Republicans? He can begin to take action and reduce our country's ridiculous debt and point to this fact over and over for the next year. But he can't and he won't. Again, nothing will be done.
If you don't believe that notion, ask yourself how can our President cut spending ahead of his election? Won't he be cutting off ties with the very people who contribute to his campaign? After all, isn't that how it works; special interest groups get benefits after they help an official get elected and if they get stiffed, they drop support (or worse)?
Add to the mix the fact that no one running for office, any office, says they will raise taxes; in act, they all claim they will cut taxes and even now, the new trend is to say they will cut spending too. But as I have mentioned earlier, you cannot cut spending if the very people who contribute to your campaign want you to spend on their projects!
And guess what, I'm not angered either way. I cannot even vote. Ha! But, I do love this country and I want some friggin change! I want leaders, not politics. I want a new breed of politician. I want new business leaders who care about the community. And, I am rooting for whoever gets elected to make it happen. It is clear to me and should be to you all now, both Republicans and Democrats, that the past decade and probably longer, has been disgusting. We seem to be a Nation of big fat want it now Americans who are unwilling to make real change happen. Instead we do what fat people love to do, talk about it, but never actually do anything.
Anyone got a 4 minute diet for me?
Nah, too much time, I will just take a pill.
Comments are welcome.
Let the hate begin.

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