Monday, March 7, 2011

NHL Hockey, Steve Moore, Justice, Todd Bertuzzi trial

A few nights ago marked the 7th anniversary of Steve Moore's last night of professional hockey.

Still no official trial date is set for the civil suit and there is still no judge yet assigned to the case. But there is a belief circulating that a trial is near, and justice on its way for Steve Moore, the Harvard graduate who had his professional hockey career cut short after a viscous assault by an opponant, Todd Bertuzzi.

Moore's case is rumored to be the single largest civil suit involving a professional athlete in the Canadian legal history, and with each passing year, the price goes up.

This will likely go on for years and years as Moore, with a laundry list of lawyers, is suing Bertuzzi and Orca Bay Ltd., the former owner of the Vancouver Canucks.

Geoffrey Adair will represent Bertuzzi who has blamed his coach at the time of the incident, Marc Crawford, who is now the head coach in Dallas. Crawford is represented by Jessica Kimmel. Orca Bay is represented by Allan D'Silva.

Counter suits have already been filed. The lawyers are doing their thing.

In one of the depositions, Bertuzzi apparently refused to answer 63 different questions!

Although Moore continues to go through tests year-in and year-out, it is hard to substantiate how much the assault and injuries have affected him and his life. Two things are for certain, he played his last professional game that night, seven years ago, and 7 or 8 different video cameras caught the assault at different angles.

This story will surely capture the NHL headlines as well as that of the sports world in general this year and beyond as a trial and settlement are ultimately reached. With an all-star team of lawyers, Steve Moore's team is playing for a big pay day and the rumors are that the amount Moore's camp is looking for is gigantic.

Stay tuned...

Paul Gozzo

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