Friday, January 21, 2011

Facebook "Like" Feature

Is the newest form of ass kissing Facebook's like feature?

As a newcomer to Facebook, by default, I can't help but notice this new phenomenon whereby people claim they "like" something abstract, or some action another person or "friend" takes, as if to put their stamp on that action and say, "I approve." I have seen more and more of this going on and it is increasingly disturbing.

Facebook is a great way to stay connected or reconnect with old contacts, or in this case, "friends." It still cracks me up to up to see people who once hated one another to be "friends" on Facebook especially when they still talk smack about that person using their "friend" status to pierce the privacy wall for more fodder to poke fun at.

I also love the camera phone picture upload to show the world what you are up to as if to say, this is what I do, I am the coolest. Then, as often is the case, "friends" approve by saying they "like." Does this crack anyone else up?

Facebook, for some has become a lethal distraction for the unsettled who feel a burning desire to be accepted. In many ways it is the virtual ass kissing cocktail hour social that never ends....

For others, Facebook is a great avenue for the self-loathing crowd who yearn for that compliment, or in this virtual world, the "likes".

I wonder when /how/if the reality of the virtual reality world will smack some of these "characters", as that is what they have become, if the face and they will come to the realization that their little reality show is no longer in vogue. I, for one, hope not any time soon as it is entertaining to say the least.

Really, you "like" the fact that so and so "likes" Habitat for Humanity. Really, am I supposed to believe that you are a giver of your time or money too? Or is simply liking a charity as far as you go and that is good enough for props in the virtual/reality world. Really. You must care. I mean really, after all, you like the fact that one of your "friends" likes a charitable organization. Really.

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